Heather (runhappee) wrote in dep_parents,

March of Dimes/WalkAmerica---please donate

Hey guys, I know some of you can't really afford to be giving all your money away, but I do need sponsors for this event I'm doing for March of Dimes called WalkAmerica. It's April 30th and my goal is $500 but I'm sure at this point I'm not going to be able to raise that much, but it would be nice to get close to it.

As some of you already know, both my girls were premature, Lola being born 6 weeks early (5 lbs 3 oz) and Alana being born 4 months early (1 lb 6 oz). So this is a cause pretty close to my heart and actually what inspired me to change my major to nursing.

Here is a picture of Alana a week or 2 after she was born.

She has tubes in her chest bcuz her lungs collapsed due to a heart condition called Patent Ductus Arteriosus she was born w/and shortly after had to have surgery for. By the time she was 10 months old she had had 6 surgeries, and it's possible she is having another one, which I find out about on friday. As my close friends know, she's doing a lot better now, but she's isn't going to have what most people consider a 'normal' childhood bcuz of her so-called disabilities. She's almost 2 now. The March of Dimes raises awareness of premature birth and try to educate mothers, especially young mothers, on ways to prevent having their babies so early, like how Alana was. Our case was a little luckier than others. Not every baby born at 23 weeks survives, reason why Alana is our 'miracle baby'.

The event is on April 30th, at the Virgina Beach Oceanfront. There's the option of forming a team, which I'm up for doing if anyone else wants to participate. Just let me know.

You can go to my site to sponsor me. All donations go straight to the March of Dimes. http://www.walkamerica.org/xheathercx

And please repost this so others who aren't on my friends list can see and possibly help out. Thanks. :)
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