haikusong (haikusong) wrote in dep_parents,

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I can feel it within me, this darkness, waiting, lurking, hiding in the shadows.
Why doesn't it just go away? Why doesn't it leave me alone? I keep myself busy...busier and busier, and still it smacks it lips, waiting for the moment to strike me down. I defy it, and it laughs at me...snickers...chuckles in hideous glee. I hate it. I want to smash it. I want to lash out at it and burn it. I despise it, and so I despise that part of me that houses it...holds it...nourishes it...why am I feeling like this? Why? Dammit all to hell...why do some get to live normally, in their happy little homes, with their happy little families and painted on smiles, while others of us must fight the darkness every time we open our eyes, and even when we close them?

I feel like I am waiting for the storm to begin.
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