GENENINAH - because becky can't spell (mrshannibal) wrote in dep_parents,
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she's a brick and i'm drowning slowly

the images stay in my head
the emptiness envelopes me
and i know this feeling all too well
i feel the lonliness thru the words
i see the despair in the pictures
and i am pained thru and thru
this familiarity is not welcome
nor has it ever been
and yet it comes again and again
i find myself giving up
i know this is a continuing battle
and it makes me weary
the heaviness weighs upon me
it drags me down, lower than before
i stumble, and fall
emotions bubble to the surface
as a if a boiling pot of something
somethings that reeks of sorrow
i cannot see myself as the same
as the person once before
i have become someone else
the mirror shows the facade
the one everyone sees
but not what is hidden beneath
i clear my throat
to clear the pain
and swallow the lump that never goes down
i don't recognize myself
i see my face
and yet, i see nothing
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